Dim sum, while small and quick to eat, is by no means simple to make: it takes time, patience and a knowledge of the food to pull off this exquisite art form. Literally meaning "to touch your heart" or "a little bit of heart", dim sum was originally intended as just a light snack, served exclusively to accompany tea in ancient China. But the huge increase in demand means that there's now an entire food industry dedicated to it. What's more, dim sum is no longer a mid-morning snack or small appetizer; it's now an exciting, trendy dinner experience. And its not just tea that it's served with; there's tons of swanky dim sum eateries popping up all over the place, serving healthy smoothies or posh cocktails alongside their sharing dishes, such as Ping Pong, Dim T and Yauatcha.

To a newbie at a dim sum restaurant, the countless types of steamed, fried and baked bite-sized treats can be a bit scary and daunting when you're confronted with a seemingly endless menu of confusing words - gao, jiaozi (or potsticker), shaomai, congee, bau, xiaolongbao, phoenix claw, sou, etc.

So we're doing what we can at School of Wok to take the scariness out of dim sum, bolster your knowledge about the food, and teach you the skills you need to recreate these delicate little treats in the comfort of your own home.

A 3-hour Dim Sum masterclass at School of Wok offers customers a quick introduction to the basics of a few simple dishes.

However, due to overwhelming demand and requests for longer and more in-depth classes that really get to the bottom each dish, we're pleased to announce that the school will now be offering beginners an intensive 5-day cookery course to cover all you need to know about dim sum.

Over the 5 days, we will guide you thoroughly through 4-5 dishes a day, teaching you the ins and outs of each food. Covering the simple dishes and the more complex ones, you will learn to be proficient in pastry-making and be an expert when it comes to folding techniques.

We'll cover the more well-known classics such as prawn wontons and crispy squid, but also the ones that you may have never heard of such as cheong fun and har gau.

While Dim Sum is in no means easy to pick up, our trained and professional chefs will teach you all you need to know, meaning that everyone – even those who are new to any type of cooking – will be confident enough to tackle to most delicate and precise dishes.

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