After guests attending the event had decided what they themselves wanted to cook and eat, and with a bit of extra money, to be put towards additional ingredients, the company employees turned what would have been just a fabulous spread to feed themselves, into an even bigger one; doubling the number of servings they cooked and then donating half of it to a local charity that worked to delivery hot food to those in need. The event itself was a huge success, and we at School of Wok realised we were onto something that was not only fun and exciting for participants themselves, but could also help so many more members of the community than just those who walked through our doors in Covent Garden.

And thus the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) culinary event, Cooking for the Homeless, was born. Since that first event nearly two years ago it has become one of the most popular team building events the school has ever offered.

Building upon the success of Cooking for the Homeless, and with the goal of extending the reach even further, School of Wok is proud to announce our first ever large- scale charitable cooking event; Wok for 1000.

Set commemoratively on the 1 st November, in the buzzy food-centric Borough Market, and in partnership with Plan Z heroes and Supper, School of Wok is inviting businesses to collectively take part in a CSR cookery event of mass proportion- with the goal of serving up a minimum of 1000 meals to be delivered to those in need across London.

Come be a part of the fun, learn something new, eat some great food, and help those in our community who need a little extra support.

Click here to download our brochure and find out how you can #Wokfor1000 with us!