Reasons Why We Love Chinese Food!

We bang on quite a bit about our love of all Far Eastern cuisine. I mean, it's our job and all, so it does come with the territory. However, it has come up more than a few times in discussion at the school (occupational hazard) just why we love Chinese food so much- not as chefs or event planners per say, but as people who work and cook daily. With the ideals of wanting to look after ourselves and our families, utilise our leftovers and every penny that goes towards our weekly food budgets, and make something tasty, interesting, and let's face it, quick - Chinese food in all honesty, ticks the boxes.

Here's Why Our Guys at School of Wok Love Chinese Food:

Ali (sales manager):

"I like the variety of dishes and flavours. Something so simple as a stir fry can have 100's of different variations. Every time I eat Chinese food it feels like a treat."

Johnathan (project manager & former SOW student):

"I love Chinese food because of the wide variety of dishes. There are so many combinations and taste sensations to try. I also like the fact that Chinese cooking doesn't really use much butter or cream, which keeps things tasting lighter and fresher...I'm hungry now!"

Yolanda (marketing manager):

"It's quick, easy and fresh. You can make a whole meal with a few ingredients you just need to get a bit creative. Also because China is so big, the cuisine is very diverse. There is something for everyone."

Nev (director & chef tutor):

"Stir fries are a great one pot dish. It's really good for veggies, and the proteins are very interchangeable. Since working at SOW, it's changed how I eat at home."

Adrienne (pr & special events):

"I love knowing how to combine classic Chinese flavours together off the cuff, now that I've learned some of the basics of the cuisine. It makes having a look in the fridge or cupboard make so much more sense when I'm throwing together dinner last minute."

Those are just a few reasons why we love cooking Chinese cuisine so much. Do you agree?

Why do you love Chinese food?