This week at the school whilst we are chopping, stir frying and folding away, our minds are elsewhere. We are thinking about our own personal chefs, chaufers, cheerleaders, doctors, teachers, leaders, comedians, tailors, banks, carpenders, bartenders and counselors; our mums. And though we are a mixed bunch ourselves; some with children and some who still behave like children (ok that's everyone really), one thing we know for sure; we owe a hell of a lot to the lady who has supported us all along the way.

This year (and every year), make it your job to make your mum feel special in some way. She made it through your toddler years, your teenage years, your newly-independent-I-know-everything years. She's been through a lot with you. She deserves a bit of love and thanks. And please oh please, do not just buy her that sad looking wilted bunch of carnations and stinky lilies hanging around the exit doors of Boots. Not cool. You can do better. Spend some time with that lady. That (and a very large glass of wine) is all that she wants really. Bonus: she's probably a lot cooler than you think.

For all of these reasons and more School of Wok is offering a 10% discount on all of our Mother's Day Gift Vouchers for Two. Give her your time, share a new experience, and a delicious meal. Sounds pretty awesome to us.

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