Anyone who has sifted through the internet recently, whether it was catching up on blogs, browsing through various online shops, or even just the news, has likely to have come across something so rediculous, so absurd that it has made you do a double take. You think "is this real" or "is this some April fools joke" etc. You go back, try to look at it again with fresh eyes to make sure you really are seeing what you think you are seeing. You might laugh, sigh, or even just plain grunt outloud when you come to the acceptance that it is in fact real. Next step, perhaps, is a feeling of slight dismay as you think to yourself "why didn't I come up with that idea first???". Have a look through our recent lazy Sunday browsing finds. We definitely had a few of those 'why didn't we do this first?!' moments. Which is your favourite?

Chopsticks with Integrated Fan - Yes! No more waiting for food to cool down before eating! Genius - though might look a bit silly using in public.

The Chork - Our next new bit of kit for our introductory lessons perhaps? Helpful for those pesky last grains of rice that get stuck at the bottom of your bowl, no matter what level of Chinese-food-eating-expert you are.

The Cupmen- Collect them all! These 'temperature sensitive' noodle cups let you know when your meal is ready and an ideal temperature by changing colour. Frivalous, perhaps. But also pretty adorable.

The Splash Protector- For those moments when you want to look like a cross between a lion and a drip coffee filter. Coupled with the cupmen and the chork and you've got a whole new system for eating! And you thought the chopsticks with the fan looked silly in public...

And last but not least...

Ink Pen Utensil Set- Pretty clever. Just don't mix up the ends!

Which one is the most rediculous? And which one would you consider buying (or perhaps already own..)?