Vegetables Are More Versatile Than You Think

From multiple food campaigns like ‘Meetless Monday’, to informative if not scary documentaries about the meat industry like Food Inc, to Beyonce and Jay Z’s popularised 22 day stint as vegans, we are pretty much at the point where unless you are actively choosing ignorance, it is common knowledge that substituting vegetables for meat can be economical (not that Beyonce’s veganism had anything to do with her finances), more sustainable for the environment, healthier for our bodies, and yes, still tasty.

The Popularity of Vegetarianism and Veganism

Vegetarian and even vegan friendly menus are much more commonplace than they were 15 years ago, and so much more versatile too! Gone are the days of the one sad ‘vegetarian pasta’ dish, amongst an array of seasonal and inspired meat dishes. The informed consumer (that’s YOU) continues to increasingly direct the trends and standards to which restaurants, food scenes and increasingly grocery stores are being held.

With ‘occasional’ or 'flexi' vegetarianism and veganism also on the rise even leading trade magazines are encouraging those in the food industry to quite literally step up to the plate and create vegetarian dishes just as interesting, seasonal and technical as those containing meat, poultry or fish.

Substituting Meat

There are a variety of ways to substitute out meat from a recipe when cooking at home too such as; adding lentils, beans, or mushrooms instead of meat, using strong spices to replace a strong meat flavour in a sauce, using tofu or tempeh, or even just adding more vegetables to create a satisfying range of flavours. To really make the most of your ingredients don’t forget to choose vegetables that are fresh and preferably in season for the best flavours!

School of Wok's Effort to Satisfy All Diet Choices

School of Wok hopes to satisfy a broad range of interests, palates and diets by offering not only a variety of classes, but also offering a vegetarian alternative for each and every dish we offered. All you have to do is mention it when making your booking!

What’s your favourite veggie-filled dish? Here are a few of ours:

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