The Awards are held every year (ok – since 2012!) to recognise the efforts of cookery schools around the UK to excel in various criteria – customer service, business performance, community engagement, facilities, and specialist expertise. Here at the School, we pride ourselves on treating our customers as friends and conveying to them our passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for Asian cooking. We take our clients on shopping tours to Chinatown, with expert and inside knowledge of ingredients and then take them back to our state of the art kitchens to learn to cook a variety of Eastern delights.

For the School to have been nominated amongst other such renowned culinary talent is an honour in itself and we will be trying to contain ourselves until Monday 11th November when the awards ceremony takes place, by carrying on with our classes, events and demonstrations, led by Jeremy, Nev, Stefan and Yolanda. The team are all very proud of our two nominees, and of our School, which has come a long way since Jez and Nev set up the school a little over a year ago.

Jeremy has been instrumental in the success of the School of Wok, with his bouncing enthusiasm for cooking and his in-depth knowledge of Eastern cuisine. The School of Wok is Jeremy’s brainchild, born of his love of food inherited from his father, and his travels as a journalist to Southeast Asia. The ease at which he conveys his skills to others shows that not only is he an excellent chef, but he is also a wonderful teacher. Coming from three generations of Chinese chefs, we can think of no better person to give us that competitive edge for these awards.

Adrienne, too, is one of those team members that we need behind the scenes to keep us all in order. She is the reason your dietary requirements are catered for in each class, the reason we all know when to write our blogs (ahem!) and which classes need more than one assistant.

Best of luck to Jez and Adrienne, and to our fantastic School, we are all behind you and will be working our woks off to make sure you get the recognition you so deserve.

If you wish to book a class with our Rising Star Jeremy, then get in touch with our Unsung Hero Adrienne by clicking here for the whole range of classes.