London is an amazing city for quick eats, snacks and food on the go. However, sometimes too much choice just leaves you confused, walking around for hours being unable to choose where to eat.

If you're one of these indecisive people (like me) who are always stuck for somewhere for lunch, hopefully this selection of the best sandwiches from across London picked by School of Wok's own staff will make your lives a little easier...and tastier:

Roasted meat sandwich (£4.95) from Fuzzy's Grub (Fleet Street, EC4Y) Picked by head chef Jeremy

"The reason is simple: a full roast dinner in a sandwich, the full works.

"It's like Christmas everyday!"

Just from reading the sandwich menu at Fuzzy's Grub, you know it's going to be good.

You're given a choice of freshly roasted meats (topside of beef, leg of lamb, loin of pork, turkey or chicken breast) and condiments, but what really makes these sandwiches so special is the selection of 'trimmings' (Yorkshire pudding, sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, gravy and crackling).

Perhaps not one to go to everyday (for the sake of your waistline at least) but definitely worth a trip!

Cheese toastie (£5.00) from Kappacasein (Borough Market, SE1) Picked by school manager Stefan

"Two words: MELTED CHEESE!"

"This has everything you want in a cheese toastie, gooey cheese, crisp toasted sourdough bread and a splendid addition of leeks, onion and garlic."

Kappacasein's toasties are filled with a tasty mix of Montgomery cheddar, Ogleshield and Comte cheeses.

These little gems won't leave with you fresh breath, but will certainly help you ward off some of the crowds at Borough Market.

'Reuben on Rye' (£11) from Mishkin's (Catherine Street, WC2B) Picked by co-owner Nev

"This classic American Jewish snack may be made with pastrami instead of the traditional corned beef, something that has divided uptight food critics. But who cares? – this is one phenomenal sandwich!

"Overflowing with smoky and peppery pastrami, gently-spiced sauerkraut, a cooling Russian dressing and tons of melted gooey Swiss cheese, this one is definitely worth the high price me!"

Falafel pitta (£5.00 with a free lemonade) from Falafel King (Portobello Road, W10) Picked by marketing manager Adrienne

"There's a few reasons why this place is my favourite:

"1) While you're waiting for your sandwich they give you a fresh warm falafel to snack on - you feel like you're getting just a little bit of extra care;

"2) The falafel tastes really earthy and a bit spicy - not dried out like some of its poor imitations;

"3) The creamy cool sauce, spicy chilies, and crunchy pickles combined with the warm falafel are unbelievably satisfying both flavour-wise and texturally."

'The Keu Classic' banh mi (£5.75) from Keu (Old Street, EC1V) Picked by blogger Ben

"With all the great places to eat Vietnamese food in Shoreditch, Keu takes the crown for the best banh mi (Vietnamese filled baguettes) in my opinion.

"The 'Keu Classic' is made from the crispiest yet lightest baguette, hollowed out and stuffed full of spiced pork belly, ham terrine, chicken liver pate, herbs, pickled veg and tons of red chilli...fresh, fragrant and filling!

"The half-an-hour trek from London Bridge where I work is really worth it!"

Honourable mention: Salt beef and mustard bagel (£3.75) from Beigel Bake (Brick Lane, E1)

There are many reasons why this bakery on Brick Lane is seen as a London institution, with queues out of the door since the 70s.

It could be because their bagels are among the best, freshly baked, sweet, soft and chewy like they should be; or because the thick slab of salt beef brisket is amazingly tender and melts in your mouth...

...however, the most likely reason is because the bakery's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, catering for quick lunches for City workers and late-night feasts for clubbers! No fuss, quick service and great results.

The salt-beef bagel is served with eye-wateringly hot English mustard (optional) – it won't win any awards for the prettiest sandwich but no one's that good!