The story goes that dim sum got it's start, straight from the heart and desire of one little lady

running a tea house in China, many, many moons ago. Seeing customer after customer come

into her tea house, weary from their travels on ancient Silk Road, she decided that they needed

something more than just tea to sustain them. She began to make them little dumplings,

dishes or bites to eat to help bring comfort and strength to her customers. As a result, her tea

house became sought after by travelers. From there, other tea houses picked up on what she

was doing, and felt the need to match her generosity in order to gain customers and

reputation, thus kicking off a competitive spirit among the tea houses, as well as more

intricate folds, preparations, and dishes as each house attempted to out do the next.

Present day dim sum menus can range from literally thousands of dishes, but the art of serving

dim sum all began with one woman, and her 'little touch of heart' (the literal translation of the

word dim sum) for her customers.

What's your m.o. when it comes to dim sum dish ordering? Do you tend stick to a few favourites or are you more inclined to try something new each time?

For those dim sum devotees who, like us, just simply can't get enough, we introduce to you our

5 Day Intensive Dim Sum Course, that includes one day devoted to the art of Hand-Pulled-Noodles.

From the classic to the more adventurous this class covers it all! Mark your calendars

for 4th April as the week you will spend over 6 hours each day 'getting your dumplin on'. See you there?