Last week we took our Professional Course students to the Ming Ai institute; a centre dedicated to Chinese cultural herritage and education, for some serious hands-on training.

We take all our students from our three-week professional course there, giving them the opportunity to cook using industrial wok burners commonly found in Chinese take-aways and restaurants. It's a very different experience from cooking on the domestic burners we've come to know at home and even in the School of Wok kitchens, so it makes for an important lesson for those looking to enter the industry. This experience also helps to cement the importance of organisation in the kitchen- all ingredients and sauces have to be ready before cooking. Once you the wok is on, there is no turning back!

Our Professional students cooked their way through a traditional Chinese banquet- quite the test! We watched with pride as it was clearly visible that their skills and confidence have definitely improved since the start of their class, just a short time ago.

Everyone was happy with the results and bowls were quickly emptied of their contents, accompanied by nods, smiles, and refills!

Here is what the feast consisted of:

Sweet & Sour Prawns

Hunan Beef

Steamed Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion

Chinese Greens & Goji Berry Broth

Ma Po Tofu

Great work everyone!