London's newest shopping destination, the shiny Westfield mall in Stratford, has now got a new attraction: a pop-up School of Wok, bringing the taste of the East to East London!

I visited Westfield at the weekend to find the place heaving, as thousands of busy shoppers made a start to their Christmas shopping...better them than me! I was there to say hello to our chefs who were showcasing cookery demonstrations and do-it-yourself mini classes in the Great Eastern Market.

At our stall, Nev showed us how to make our own Vietnamese summer rolls, full of mint, coriander, lime, peanuts, carrot and chilli – fresh, tasty and really easy to assemble.

Meanwhile, on the main stage opposite Waitrose, I found our head chef Jez armed with a 'Britney-style' microphone and a sizzling wok, demoing his tasty Oriental dishes.

Using my girlfriend Jo as his glamourous assistant, Jez showed a crowd of hungry Londoners how to cook up a quick stir-fried noodle dish. I didn't get to taste any, but judging by everyone's reactions who swarmed around when Jez shouted "FREE FOOD", it went down pretty well.

For two weeks over the next couple of months, we will be running our little pop-up at Stratford, so why not write 'School of Wok' at the top of your Christmas shopping lists as a reminder to pop down to the pop-up!

If you're thinking about booking yourself (or someone else) a class at our school in Covent Garden but you're not sure, come down and experience a mini cookery masterclass – we're giving out special offers for classes so it'll be worth the trip!

Our stall opens again during the second week of November (starting on the 9th) and the first week of December (starting on the 3rd).