Flavours of China combines a shopping tour with a hands-on cooking lesson to give foodies the chance to get a real understanding of Chinese cuisine in London.

Kicking off in London's famous Chinatown, students will have the chance to explore the delights of a Chinese bakery and an oriental supermarket with School of Wok head chef Jeremy Pang.

"I often hear from people that they'd love to get into Chinese cooking but that they don't know where to buy the produce, or they're intimated by the unfamiliar foods on offer in Chinese supermarkets," he explains.

"But really it's just a question of familiarity and knowledge, and having an expert with you really helps to gain confidence. That's why we wanted to add the tour - Flavours of China gives you all the info you need to go home and replicate the dishes from scratch."

What should you look out for when buying fresh tiger prawns? How much should you pay for good quality duck? Which specialist ingredients are worth stocking up on? Jez will answer all of your questions as he guides you round Chinatown's most vibrant food stores.

In the afternoon, guests will participate in a hands-on cookery lesson in School of Wok's fantastic facilities in Covent Garden. Each of our upcoming classes will create a different menu, so you can choose which dishes make your mouth water most. With options like salt and pepper calamari, crispy fried wontons and hoisin duck spring rolls, making a decision might be the trickiest bit!