If you love Thai food, you've come to the right place...

We've giving everyone a last-minute deal to receive £30 OFF our tantalising 'Taste Thailand' evening masterclass on 24th July, meaning you'll receive three hours of hands-on foodie fun for just £65! (original price: £95)


Thai food, a cuisine rooted in bold spices, combined to create dramatic and fragrant tastes and aromas, has taken Britain (and the world) by storm over recent years, and yet is still gaining an increasing amount of attention.

On the menu next week is of course Pad Thai, a meal of Vietnamese origin but one that is now widely seen as one of Thailand's national dishes. This is a dish all about contrasts: sour tamarind mixed with sweet palm sugar; crunchy bean sprouts intertwined with moist rice noodles; chillies and lime paired with meaty prawns...

We'll show you just how easy it is to recreate in your own home, along with a number of other tasty treats like Thai Green Chicken Curry, Thai Spring Rolls and Sticky Thai Rice.

You'll whip all these up in under three hours, leaving you plenty of time to sit down with the other students for a South-East Asian feast and a glass of wine...all for just £65!

Book your place now...but make sure you hurry up - there's not long left!