admirably purposful, determined, and unwavering

Happy New Year! Here just a matter of days into the year 2015 many of us have reflected to BE more resolute, in one way or another. Whether it's the promise we make to ourselves to take better care of our physical well being with more wholesome eating, more exercise, more sleep, or the quest for knowledge. It's hard not to reflect a little on how we as individuals can become more productive, happier, fulfilled, resolute people. 'Resolute' is a wonderfully powerful, aspirational word, that often and unfortunately develops a watered down meaning when shoved into the phrase 'New Years resolutions'. It seems obligatory, unnecessary and forced upon us like another piece of fruit cake after Christmas dinner.

This year we at School of Wok are determined to BE resolute, and not just add another resolution on our lengthy 'to do' list. We are running marathons (literally!), immersing ourselves further into the vast depths of Chinese cuisine and London's food culture, getting up early, reading more, cooking more and making the most of our time, opportunities and the people around us.

"There aren't shortcuts.

Merely direct paths.

Most people don't take them because they frighten us.

Things that look like shortcuts are usually detours disguised as less work"

Seth Godin

Join us in our quest to be more resolute in the kitchen this year. We can't wait to see you.