School of Wok staff are all looking a bit leaner this week having lost a few stone between us slaving over a sizzling BBQ at Food Network's ‘On Fire' food festival.

A heatwave at the weekend may sound like the perfect time for a BBQ, but dozens of grills fired up close to each other for 10 hours a day meant there were some pretty sweaty chefs around.

Nevertheless, the weather certainly brought the crowds, with thousands of Londoners gracing Covent Garden for three days full of flames, charcoal and tons of meat.

While we were there mainly to promote the school, we found ourselves rushed off our feet with order after order for our three scrumptious dishes: Vietnamese lemongrass beef bánh mì with pickled carrot and daikon; jasmine tea-smoked chicken wraps with lime mayo and chilli sauce; and hoisin and cider ribs with sesame coleslaw. Everyone loved the food - we ran out of meat a few times over the weekend - and Jeremy's demos proved to be really popular...yes it turns out you can cook fried on a BBQ (in a wok of course!).

We were constantly being fed food left and right throughout the festival from the nearby stalls, with the hog roast guys opposite handing us succulent pork and stuffing baps all day long and our neighbours Barbecoa keeping us topped up with pulled pork with coleslaw, steak sandwiches and lots of laughs.

Even though we were stuffed from start to finish, we did manage to fit in a bit of our own food and have to admit, it was bloody brilliant. The ribs in particular went down really well, braised long and slow for seven hours the day before in our secret sauce before being charred on the red-hot grill to serve.

Sadly, not a single person managed to win a free wok in our secret sauce competition to guess the 10 ingredients in our hoisin and cider sauce...a lot of people even struggled with the first two ingredients!

We doubled our Facebook ‘likes' over the weekend and as a thank you to our new (and old!) friends and followers, we are offering 25% off any of our classes using the code ‘ON FIRE' when booking. Check out our class calendar to see what's on and when.

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