Welcome to our new section. Each month, we will put one Chinese ingredient in the spotlight, and you can build your knowledge of what to eat, how to cook, and what to do with ingredients you never knew you could use.

December Flavour of the Month: Chinese Five Spice

A well balanced mix of strong spices which is used in small quantities to give a subtle ‘dusting’ of spice to a dish.

What: Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon), Sichuan Pepper, Star Anise, Cloves, Fennel

How: Roast meats, stir-fry marinades, certain soups, stocks or stews

Where: It comes as a mixed powder and can be found both in Chinese and Western supermarkets

N.b. The art of using 5 spice is knowing how to use such strong flavours to add just a subtle ‘tint’ of aroma to a dish…

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