On Tuesday 1st November in a chilly Borough Market, School of Wok hosted over 200 ‘chefs’ and volunteers, joining together to learn, prepare, cook and package over 1000 meals, to be delivered to 22 separate charities over the city of London. We appropriately titled this event #Wokfor1000 (link to twitter hashtag), with the goal of doing just that. Mission accomplished.

Plan Zheroes and School of Wok teamed together along with Supper, a new gastronomic delivery company, to make the logistics for an event of this scale into a reality. Plan Zheroes is an amazing organisation that’s mission is to simultaneously eliminate food waste and combat food poverty through saving surplus food generated by food businesses and redistributing it through a genious mapping system, to serve to local charities and help feed those in need.

Spring rolls

In the UK we have a huge problem with food waste, with nearly 50% of the food thrown away each year coming from our homes. There are many organisations trying to combat the needless waste of surplus food and we are proud to be a small part of that growing community.

During #Wok for 1000 over 2000 Spring Rolls, 1000 portions of Soy Sauce Chicken and Stir-fried Green Beans were produced in little under 3 hours, by enthusiastic teams of amateur chefs representing numerous local businesses. With their spirits high they donned their chef hats and got down to business, chopping, slicing and rolling for those in need.

Wok for 1000 was a massive success, and highlighted for us the power and possibility a small number of dedicated people can truly have, even if just for a few hours.

For more information on Plan Zheroes and all that they do visit their website PLan Zheroes

To host your own CSR (corporate social responsibility) team building event visit our Feed the Homeless page here or email us at info@schoolofwok.co.uk for more details.

To get the ball rolling by offering support for next year’s #Wokfor10000 event email Dee@schoolofwok.co.uk

Photo credit: Kathy Cheng www.eatinginandout.com "A sea of chefs"