May Flavour of the Month: Shrimp Paste

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Each month, we will put one Chinese ingredient in the spotlight, and you can build your knowledge of what to eat, how to cook, and what to do with ingredients you never knew you could use.

What is shrimp paste?

Shrimp paste is a key ingredient to Malaysian food. The use of natural ingredients in Malaysian food never ceases to amaze. Using great combinations of shrimp paste / tamarind and palm sugar in curries and rice dishes really brings out the natural salts, sweets and sours...

What is shrimp paste made of

80% Shrimp Extract, 18% Salt 2 % Sugar

How you can cook with shrimp paste

Often used in Malaysian curries and rice dishes to add natural saltiness to the dish. Some find the taste quite overpowering, use sparingly as the ground shrimp can sometimes add a slight bitterness to the food. 1 tsp of shrimp paste along with a good glug of Kecap Manis (sweet soya sauce) creates a very authentic 'Malay' taste when added to a bit of fried rice (in Malay Nasi Goreng).

Where you can find shrimp paste

Most Chinese or Asian supermarkets will stock shrimp paste in their South East Asian isles.

Keep it in the fridge once opened.