Swapsies! We've all felt that moment of inspiration in the kitchen, when nothing short of a chilli beef stir fry or sweet and sour chicken will do. This will usually end when, after a quick Google search, you find the recipe contains an ingredient that requires a trip to the nearest Chinese Supermarket. This could be done if you had time to spare, but these cravings usually occur late in the afternoon when the kids are hungry and energy levels have hit an all time low. Well with a little imagination you can swap those ingredients for something a lot more convenient. Here's our top five substitutes for South East Asian ingredients, for those times when the usual 'Spag Bol' just won't do.

Sichuan Pepper Corns: Juniper Berries and Chilli Flakes

The chill provides the heat and the juniper berries add that distinctive zing!

Hoisin Sauce: Mix of Strawberries, Orange Juice, Soy Sauce and Ketchup.

The delicious plum sauce that accompanies cripy duck pancakes. Skip the strawberries if you don't have them handy. What you're looking for is a salty, sweet and slightly fruity sensation.

Green Mango: Granny Smith Apple

Green mango is a favourite ingredient in Thai Cuisine. Granny Smiths provide that perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Rice Wine: Brandy or Dry Sherry with a Pinch of Salt

Rice Wine forms the body of many South East Asian dishes. It's a distinctive taste that is perfectly matched by this combination.

Black Vinegar: Watered Down Balsamic Vinegar with Salt.

Don't miss out on your Sweet and Sour Chicken, reach for the garden variety Balsamic for perfect substitute.