When our new swanky cookery school opens in May, Jez will be joined by a host of guest tutors including Atsuko Ikeda, our very-own Japanese cookery specialist and the latest addition to our growing team.

Atsuko, a native of Kyushu, Japan, has been teaching authentic Japanese home-style cooking in the UK since 2008. She trained professionally in Shojin Ryori, the Buddhist craft of super-healthy vegan cuisine which she has taught all over the world.

"Most of the recipes I teach are traditional family recipes handed down through generations. My mother and grandmother were both great cooks, and shared their knowledge with me," she says.

Atsuko has a down-to-earth and unpretentious approach to cooking, combined with a talent to create delicious, simple-to-prepare and fashionable meals. Her lessons are designed to help students experience the Japanese philosophy of elegance and simplicity.

Many people are put off attempting to cook Japanese food for the first time due to the perceived difficulty in finding ingredients, but Atsuko assures that you can find enough in most supermarkets to create some great-tasting and healthy meals.

"You can learn how to make the popular dishes from Japan, and even make some delicious meals you have never eaten in a restaurant before," she says. Her informal and hands-on approach to teaching has been described as "more of a dinner party with friends than a classroom lesson".

Atsuko will be teaching at our new SOW Cookery School in Covent Garden a few days each month. Make sure to check the calendar on the website for details of her next class…you won't regret it!