March is said to have been the coldest and gloomiest March in the UK for 50 years according to the Met Office, so at least we now (officially) have an excuse to kick back in front of a fire and stuff our faces with eggs and chocolate (and chocolate eggs)!

So, as we often like to do at SOW, we're going to defy convention and give you two great recipes showcasing these fantastic ingredients.

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Stefan, School of Wok Cookery School Manager, gives us a few pointers for egg fried rice. Check out the recipe for full instructions.

  • Always use cooked, cold rice, preferably pre-cooked the day before. Using freshly cooked warm rice will result in a soggy, clumpy mess that sticks to the wok.
  • "Always wait until the oil in your wok is smoking before you add your first ingredient to ensure it stays non-stick.
  • "Never use more oil than you need: only add oil to the wok bit by bit (1 tbsp each time should suffice).
  • "Always start with the egg: adding the egg at the end gives you a bad result – a sort of rice omelette!
  • "Once your eggs are in, leave the yolk whole until the white is partly cooked, then break the yolk and mix together to give a good mix of white and yellow egg.
  • "The rice is ready to serve when the rice grains 'jump', or what the Chinese call 'dancing rice'."