Dearest Food Enthusiasts,

I’m Jess, the new resident blogger here at School of Wok HQ.

Over the next few weeks we’ve got some great ideas lined up, including interviews with top chefs and a whole host of recipes and tips from Jez and Cookery Coach Head Chef Nev to give you some inspiration.

School of Wok and Cookery Coach fans will know that Jez and Nev are keen to prove just how easy it can be to rustle up tasty, nutritious meals.

Unfortunately, I’m the kind of cook who can turn a frozen pizza into a worrying episode with a fire alarm. Unconvinced? Here's my version of a pancake from Shrove Tuesday, 2010:


So, in an attempt to push my culinary boarders beyond the boiled egg, Jez and Nev will be sharing their tastiest and most idiot-proof recipes with me in a new feature - Jess' Recipe Adventures.

My kitchen is the size of a shoebox, I’m a bit scared of raw chicken and I still have no idea which one’s a pestle and which one’s a mortar (or even if it matters), but I’ll boldly be sharing my cooking experiences with you and will even provide photographic evidence of the results (I have no shame).

Can a complete kitchen-phobe like me really become a half-decent cook?

Anything could happen!

Stay tuned for my first recipe…Why not leave your suggestions below?