So much of Chinese cuisine, especially that which is typically cooked in the home, can be built around simple pantry staples. From sauces to oils, to spices, having some of the basics to hand can make whipping up a quick Asian-inspired dish simple, quick and cost effective. Case in point- the dried Chinese noodle. Noodles are a wonderful way of adding texture, flavour, and a bit of bulk to round out a dish. Today, we took to Jeremy's new book Chinese Unchopped to help give you some basic tips on how to make the most of out this classic pantry cupboard ingredient.

"Dried Noodles

Dried noodles are an essential party of a Chinese pantry. They can be stored easily in a cool, dry place and will last for quite a few months. To make the most of any pack of dried noodles, follow the instructions below:

Put your noodles in a large mixing bowl Cover the noodles fully with boiling water and leave for 3-5 minutes (depending on the thickness of the noodles). Note: If you leave the noodles in the water too long, they will become too soft and will not have the 'al dente' bit that they should once cooked. Once the noodles have been soaked and separated nicely, essentially once they have lost their packet shape), immediately drainthem in a strainer and run them through cold water Cover a tray with a clean tea towel and place your noodles on top. For best results, leave the noodles out to dry for 20 minutes before use. Alternatively, to speed up the drying process, pop them in a fan-assisted oven with the fan function on the lowest possible heat, or no heat at all if possible. This will dry your noodles out within 5-10 minutes The noodles are now ready to cook in any way you like (whether boiling, adding to a soup, stir frying or deep-frying)." Thanks Jez for the advice! For more awesome tips and instructions check out the book Chinese Unchopped

Hope these tips help in your next noodling adveture- happy woking!