Great Balls of Fire! New Study Reveals Men Like to Cook in the Nude

12% of men like to do their cooking wearing nothing but a smile, says a new study carried out by appliance specialists Hotpoint.

The survey of 3000 Brits revealed that whilst 46% of men and nearly two-thirds of women prefer to wear comfy tracksuit bottoms in the kitchen, a significant one in ten men say their favourite cooking outfit is their birthday suit.

Women don't seem to have the same urge to get their kit off, but an intriguing 4% do admit to preferring to make dinner in the buff.

It seems even celebs are at it... Here are three stars with a thing for stripping down before serving up:

JAMIE OLIVER The original Naked Chef. We wonder how many people tuned in hoping to get an eyeful of more than just ‘Pukka Tukka'.

Alas, the title of Jamie's first cookery series was a reference to his simple recipes and had nothing to do with getting nudey rudey.

It was probably a good thing, in hindsight.

NICK KNOWLES Who Dares Wins TV presenter and DIY maestro Nick has admitted to burning more than just his din dins when cooking in the nude.

Surely he of all people should understand the precautions of health and safety?

CHRISTINA AGUILERA The Dirrrty singer told chat-show host Ellen DeGeneres that she loved nothing more than her ‘naked Sundays', where she'd frequently cook without wearing a stitch of clothing.

"Nothing with grease - that could splatter," DeGeneres quipped.

"Well, unless you want the grease," was Aguilera's saucy response.

P.S. Here at SOW we're not quite ready to go au naturel in the kitchen just yet. Although we'd like to point out that we take customer demand very seriously...

Do you ever cook in the nude? Post your comments below!