Chinese and Indian food have always been fighting for the top spot as Britain's favourite cuisine, but Gok Wan's new cookery show may tip the scales in favour of stir fries and dim sum!

Gok, the much-loved makeover king and celebrity fashion guru of How to Look Good Naked fame, is to host six half-hour shows on Channel 4 alongside his chef-Dad John focused on healthy, tasty, Chinese home-cooking.

"Having been working in my Dad's restaurants since I was five years old, I thought it was about time to show you a few of my favourite recipes and special tips I have learnt from Poppa Wan," he said on his website.

Our own head chef Jez, like Gok, knows the importance of food in Chinese family life and also attributes his passion for Eastern cuisine to his own father, who was keen for him to experience exciting flavours and exotic foods as a young boy. "Growing up in a competitive family of Chinese chefs and food connoisseurs, I quickly learnt that as we all loved eating so much, cooking was a very important skill to learn," Jez said.

Pat Llewellyn, the managing director of Optomen (the TV company producing Gok's show), said that Gok's way of cooking "feels incredibly modern - fresh ingredients cooked so quickly it makes 30-minute meals look like slow motion."

However, anyone who's ever been to Jez's 'Quick Fire Wok' cookery lessons would argue that he could give GW a run for his money, teaching students how to make two quick and delicious stir fries in just one hour (which includes eating time, of course!).

With Gok promising to rustle up everything from street food to feast food when his series starts in May, we look forward to what he's got in store. Maybe we could even challenge him to a 'wok-off' if he's any good! We're just waiting to see whether he can teach us here at SOW how to cook good naked...!

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