We here at School of Wok were all closing watching Gok Wan's new Channel 4 cookery show, Gok Cooks Chinese, on Monday night and we weren't alone, with a total of 1.3 million viewers across the UK tuning in. Ahead of the first show, a few in the press were a bit sceptical about whether this loveable fashionista could even handle a wok, but Gok proved them wrong, showing that he really knew his stuff when it comes to Chinese food!

With the help of ‘Poppa Wan' (his dad John), Gok guided us through the simple basics of Chinese cooking, from the ‘holy trinity' of ingredients - garlic, ginger and spring onion - to his "love basket" of essential condiments and what to look when buying a wok.

However, his trip to Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Hakkasan in London was truly amazing, showing the head chef cook a mouth-watering beef and black bean dish that took just one minute and 41 seconds from wok to plate. It just goes to show how quick and simple even the best Chinese cooking can be!

Gok himself whipped up some tasty dishes including beef in fragrant black bean sauce - cooked in a slower but still pretty impressive three and half minutes - spicy prawns with cashew nuts and the perfect fried rice. We're looking forward to what he's got in store next week.

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