Why is Dim Sum so popular?

Anyone who has ever procrastinated in the last year or so has heard of BuzzFeed.com. It’s the website with random quizzes you see friends posting about on Facebook (yes please what 90's rap icon am I?), top 20 GIFs about whatever age group you fall into and how old you must feel, and surprisingly interesting sound bites on pop culture, current events and popular food trends. While it’s the type of website to be read with a grain of salt, it just so happens that as of late they have been enthusiastically talking about some of the same things we have been, namely Dim Sum.

Why we love Dim Sum at School of Wok

It seems the ‘touches of the heart’ (the literal translation of Dim Sum) that we have been cooking up and enjoying for years are now very on trend and fashionable! In fact, dim sum is becoming so commonplace and popular you can even find ready-made varieties in some local supermarkets (though you may be better off making your own in this case)! And while the next food trend is surely just around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to share with you just how much we love this type of eating. With a focus on a variety of tastes and textures, family-style sharing plates, and lengthy and leisurely eating, dim sum just about covers all of our favourite things when it comes to dining.

Here are a few of our go-tos that you may not have heard of before:

Turnip Cake

Though the name may be a bit confusing at first (is it savoury or sweet?) this traditionally Chinese New Year dish is definitely worth a try. Made using rice flour, daikon (a long radish - the turnip in the title of the dish), and then a variety of options to create the umami favour such as Chinese sausage, sprimp or dried Shitake mushrooms. This dish will vary from household to household, as well as what region of China you are eating it in.

Xiao Long Bao, also known as Soup Dumplings

Originally from Shanghai though now eaten through out the world this little ‘dumpling’ is the best of two comforting worlds- as long as you know how to eat it! As Jeremy Pang mentioned a few weeks ago on his Sunday Brunch appearance, make sure you use a spoon to begin with rather than chopsticks. You’ll want to bite a hole in the wrapper itself, and suck out the broth first. Afterwards, eat the dumpling. This way no mess and no burning yourself!

Steamed Bun Sandwich or Baos

A popularised street food item found anywhere from London to LA, these have become the pinnacle food item to showcase some ‘East meets West’ combinations. Filled with roasted meats, crunchy picked vegetables and succulent sauces these buns have made it to the big leagues and are rightfully soaking up the spotlight along with a myriad delicious flavour combinations. Just look for any large crowd of hipsters with their mouths full of food and you’ve probably found an eatery that makes them.

Steamed Char Siu Buns

You may very well be living under a rock or on top of a very tall mountain if you haven’t heard of these fluffy clouds of deliciousness. But just in case here is a mouthwatering look to invite you to investigate further!

What is your go-to dim sum dish? Have you ever considered learning how to make them yourself?

Jump on the Dim Sum bandwagon and check out dim sum classes taught by our very own Dim Sum Master Jeremy Pang.