Founded by Duncan Glendinning, the artisan bread producer is passionate about using the highest quality and most local ingredients possible, an ethos that both School of Wok and Cookery Coach also share.

When it comes to the quest for a perfect loaf, these guys are obsessed. Using premium organic flour and homegrown herbs, they hand-roll every single loaf and use extended proving periods to create the most delicious bread possible.

Most ingredients are carefully sourced from locally based companies, although they also ‘barter' with their customers, encouraging them to come by with garden-grown produce like fruits and herbs in exchange for some delicious muffins or a discount upon purchase.

Not only are the ingredients first rate, but so are the recipes. The boutique bread shop in Green Park Station updates its menu of bread flavours according to ingredients available, creating unique and delicious combinations such as Wild Rocket and Apple, Nettle and Chive, Beetroot, and the award-winning Cheddar Gorge Vintage Cheese bread.

It was this innovative approach to baking and their passion for taste perfection that lead them to be awarded numerous accolades at the 2010 Guild of Fine Food's Great Taste Awards, widely regarded as the Michelin star equivalents of the specialty food and drink sector.

What's more, when you're chomping on a piece of Thoughtful Bread, you're also helping the environment. Slight exaggeration perhaps in order to make me feel less guilty about polishing off an entire loaf of potato and rosemary, but when you consider that their delivery van is powered by recycled chip fat, the bread ovens are built from salvaged clay and all of their waste is composted, it's got to be a step in the right direction for your carbon footprint.

Cookery Coach is extremely pleased to have such a passionate (and amazingly tasty) food producer involved in its Flavours of Bath tour. If you're interested in discovering other hidden gems like the Thoughtful Bread Company, come and join us on our new tour! Click here for details.

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