A new customer to School of Wok has a set of totally different challenges that he has given himself just to make life that little bit more interesting and for one of them he decided to call upon School of Wok for some assistance! Last friday Karl and competing friend Gemma wanted to overcome a totally new challenge... School of Wok was to create a lesson menu which would be suitable for learning a totally different cuisine, whilst cooking a full on dinner party for their friends. But to add to that, their friendly rivalry made it an event that was not just a cooking party but a real head to head competition!

With 6 guests and 6 courses to get through in just under 3 hours of cooking something totally new, keeping it simple was the only way forward. Throughout the night, the guests were served 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts - of which, they had to pick the winning dishes from each course. Thanks to both Karl and Gemma for a night of great fun, great students and of course, great food cooked by yourselves!

They may be head to head in the kitchen... but with a good glass of wine and fruits of their own labour, all is forgotten