Dear School of Wokkers

The time has come for me (resident blogger Ben) to hang up my chopsticks and pass my duties over to the next lucky foodie. I'm sad to say goodbye to London's favourite cookery school but have loved working here for the last 16 months or so. It's been a pleasure to get to know Jeremy, Stefan, Nev, Adrienne and the team and they've all taught me so much so I'm thankful to have had the opportunity. I've really enjoyed my time helping out with lessons, working at food festivals, writing the blog etc and have learnt loads about the wild world of food. The food, as always, was consistently spectacular and I've eaten so much of it during my stint at the school, popping my head in through the door for free food as often as I could!

The knowledge, excitement and passion that goes into every class here is what makes this school so special and it's been amazing to share my love of food with so many enthusiastic customers. With the school's complete recipe list safely locked away in my kitchen cupboard, along with tons of helpful tips and advice from the team, I leave the school a better cook...but I'll make sure to book on to some lessons to fine-tune my new-found skills in the future.

I'm pleased to say that I'll be handing the blog over to the amazing Ann Hall, an incredible food stylist and writer who's keen to make her mark at SOW. I'll hand this post over to her to let her introduce herself. As for me, I'll hopefully see you all at a class sometime soon! Keep on wokking everyone!


Hello School of Wokkers,

I'm delighted to be joining the team at the School. It is giving me the opportunity to indulge in my two passions – food and writing. Asian food for me has been a journey, since moving to London, eating my first chilli after a childhood diet of meat and potatoes, and a few months of back packing around SE Asia. A journey of love and exploration. It is such an amazing cuisine, exotic, flavoursome, and now, accessible, as learning to cook at the School of Wok has shown that it's not just for restaurants and takeaways, you (and I!) can make a delectable Thai curry at home, an amazingly quick and spicy stir-fry, or a veritable oriental feast of dim sum.

Working with Jeremy, Nev and Stefan in the cookery classes is a wonderful way to experience both sides of the School, as a customer learning new culinary skills, and behind the scenes, assisting with the preparation and learning techniques for folding wontons that always seemed so specialised. They have made me feel most welcome and already valued as a member of the School of Wok team.

Finally, a big thank you to Ben for all the work he has put into being Resident Blogger, and for setting such a high standard for me to follow. He has been inspiring, knowledgeable and passionate. I hope I can rice to the challenge!


For all the cookery classes available at the School of Wok, click here.