Channel 4 is a bit of a food-lover's paradise right now. From Gordon Ramsay, to Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver, it's the channel of choice for many of our favourite celebrity chefs. The latest big names to collaborate with the channel are set to be Michelin starred Richard Corrigan and bee-hived cookery presenter Gizzi Erskine (of Cook Yourself Thin fame), who will co-present a brand new cookery show starting in January.

Entitled Cookery School, the show will embrace the competitive aspects of MasterChef with the educational elements of a traditional chef-fronted cookery program, as well as providing the entertainment factor of Come Dine With Me.

Each week, six students will start the five-day cookery course, learning new skills and practising exciting recipes. They will then be expected to show off their newly learned techniques by preparing dishes that the chefs will critique.

If their dish isn't up to the chefs' demanding standards, they'll be booted off the show.

So what are the judges after?

In the words of Corrigan:

"I want you to impress me with some deliciousness!"

Cookery School starts on Channel 4 in January 2011.