World food week takes place between the 22nd and 29th June, and is a time to celebrate different cuisines all over the world as well as the incredible power that food has, not only to nourish and sustain us but also help bring people together, to celebrate and create so much joy.

Food is often the centre of celebrations such as weddings and festivals, and it is a huge part of many religious traditions. A good meal is where families come together, where friends reunite, where stories are exchanged, and new connections are made.

Different areas of the world all have their own ways of cooking, of putting ingredients together, and they have their own specialty dishes that are often a source of great pride to the nation.

While the travel ban is still in place for the majority of countries worldwide, however, it is difficult for us to celebrate authentic dishes by taking to the skies to visit exciting and exotic new locations to immerse ourselves in the culture and cuisine that awaits us there.

No doubt, like us, there are many other disappointed holiday makers out there who have now come to accept that their dreams of exploring new destinations this summer are likely to be put on hold.

Bring your holiday home with School of Wok’s delicious recipes and classes!

We know that it’s impossible to make up for the disappointment of a cancelled trip. However, this doesn’t mean that we should try to find silver linings where we can. If you were supposed to be exploring Asia this summer, why not try to bring a little part of it into your home by choosing one of the amazing, authentic recipes on the School of Wok site to try at home or even booking a class to learn the skills you need to recreate these dishes time and time again?

At School of Wok, we understand what a crucial role trying the local cuisine plays when traveling somewhere new. Tasting expertly cooked traditional dishes and interesting ingredients can be a real highlight of any trip.

While you wait to rebook your cancelled trips, our aim is that by browsing our recipes and taking our classes we can teach people how to bring a little part of that into their homes, and while it can't be the same, will be something entertaining and fun that means you can enjoy a fantastic plate of bona fide food as a result.

Future cooking classes and vouchers available

We offer future class dates as well as vouchers so you have the flexibility and convenience to choose a date that suits you best. Whether you choose a 2-hour introduction class or a full-day course, you’ll come away having learned the skills, tips, and tricks you need to make a variety of delicious Asian dishes at home.

We offer a huge range of classes to choose from. Whether you want to learn how to create the perfect Chinese takeaway, the basics of authentic Thai cooking, try your hand at dim sim and bao, or master mouthwatering Korean street food, there will be a class that's ideal for you.

Anyone who is interested in learning how to cook Asian food will love our classes. They make fantastic gifts for anyone who has a penchant for Asian cooking, and if that cancelled trip was to celebrate a special occasion, they could be a great alternative surprise gift to soften the blow of not being able to go.

Our classes are taught by passionate experts and are designed to set you up with skills for life, so you can finish the day armed with the knowledge you need to rustle up the recipes you’ve been taught back in the comfort of your own home.

If you want to try your hand at Oriental or Asian cooking, take a look at our library of easy to follow recipes for free. For those who want to try to bring a bit of their trip into their homes, there are lots of dishes to choose from or who not to head to our YouTube channel where expert chef, Jeremy Pang, will help you every step of the way!

New In! The Family Bubble Private Cooking Lesson

This world food week, why not get all of the family involved and travel to Asia with School of Wok - with our brand new Family Bubble cooking lesson! A family private 3 hour class is available for up to 5 people and can provide you with a lovely afternoon to cook and bond with your family.

So even though it looks like we all might be staying put for a little while longer, you can still take the time to celebrate this World Food day by choosing to cook a traditional dish from your would-be holiday destination and acknowledge, observe and honour the role that food plays in all of our lives!