Dear School of Wokkers,

I'm Benjamin, the new blogger for the website. To welcome me to the SOW team, Jez thought it would be a good idea for me take over ‘Jess's Recipe Adventures' section by giving me one of his own recipes to try out - not sure if this is a test or not but here goes...let's see if I'm still writing the blog next week!

[I've cleverly renamed this feature ‘Benjamin's Recipe Adventures']

So I've tried my best to recreate one of Jez's simple but impressive dishes - Jiaozi, or Chinese dumplings. This sounded a little daunting to begin with but I was surprised at how easy and quick they were to make, maybe it was my half-Chinese heritage coming through or something...thanks Dad! My kitchen is tiny and it goes to show that even those with limited facilities will be able to whip-up these tasty little treats in no time.

To make the filling, finely chop all ingredients into similar size pieces, then place in a bowl and mix well with the marinade. Now if your kitchen is no bigger than a cupboard (like mine) then it may be a good idea to chop all the ingredients first and not wait until you've run out of space as your work surface - the only one in the kitchen - is full of jiaozi circles! So...after having rested a chopping board on your knees and successfully prepared the vegetables in the living room, you will now be ready to assemble your dumplings... See the full recipe here.

I had to use Jez's photos for the technique - mine would have not been helpful in the slightest! Despite the long-winded and wordy description, these are actually really easy to make. The first one is always going to be a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of it, they won't take long to finish. Also, don't worry if they all don't look the same, none of mine did!

I ate mine with a little chilli sauce as a dip, but Jez recommends serving with a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar (equal amounts of each) and matchsticks of ginger. I was pretty chuffed with the result I have to say, and will definitely be giving these another go soon!