5 Reasons to Include Asian Salads in Your Summer Picnics

Why you should spruce up your summer picnic with Asian salads, something a little different and healthy!

Now the sun is finally gracing us with its presence, what better way to spend your weekends than having a summer picnic with your friends and family?

Instead of sticking to the usual picnic choices of sandwiches and sausage rolls, why not throw a splash of colour and health into your basket with something a little different!

In this blog, we’ve outlined just 5 strong reasons why you should include Asian salads in your summer picnics this year.

1) Super Healthy

We know it can be difficult to eat the needed amount of veggies, especially when you’re out and about on fun and busy day trips. Asian salads are the perfect way to effortlessly include your five a day in just one meal. Made with fresh, colourful and nutrient-packed ingredients they are the best for putting a healthy twist on your summer picnic. Leave everyone full and happy with super healthy School of Wok inspired Asian salads!

There are so many varieties of salads to try, but check out this delicious Asian summer recipe that contains not only 5, but 6 vegetables! : Green Papaya Salad.

2) Quick and Easy

Have you left your summer picnic preparation to last minute? No need to panic, Asian salads are not only delicious but are quick and easy to prepare! Here at School of Wok, we love creating recipes that everyone can try at home, even if you have a busy schedule. We have this extremely tasty and crunchy smashed cucumber salad you should definitely try. Taking only 10-15 minutes, and merely needing 2 main ingredients, you’ll be ready for your summer picnic in no time, and with no stress!

3) Tons of Meat-Free Options

Are you trying to cut down on your meat intake for the sake of the environment? Or do you have upcoming summer picnic plans with a vegetarian or vegan friend? Asian salads will be the ideal answer for you! It is inspiring that so many of us are now making a conscious effort to eat clean and reduce our impact on the world, but this does not mean our food has to be any less exciting! Check out this mouth-watering glass noodle salad recipe - just exclude the oyster sauce to maintain the vegan/veggie friendliness! It is the perfect accompaniment to any summer picnic, and we are sure it will be a hit with everyone, vegan or not.

4) Fun

Some people might think packing a salad for a summer picnic is boring, but think again! Asian salads are not only great in terms of nutrition, but the variety of vegetables mixed together makes for an extremely colourful and fun lunch. Not only that, but as they’re super easy to prepare, often with absolutely zero cooking needed, children can even get involved and help out in the kitchen! What better way to make summer picnics inclusive and fun for all the family? And better yet, it will taste even better knowing it has been prepared by hand with love!

Why not try our Prawn Lettuce Wraps, although children might need some adult supervision, they are a creative way to get the whole family eating clean on this year's summer picnic.

5) Long-Lasting

A fifth and final reason you should opt for Asian salads in your summer picnic is the fact that after preparation they can be kept in the fridge for several days. That way they can be ready for you to grab and take with you, being able to enjoy the delicious tastes all over again.

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