Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve falls each year on the 31st October. It is a holiday we tend associate with all things scary and ‘beyond the grave’, from ghosts and ghouls, to scary spiders and things that go bump in the night. Though there have been conflicting thoughts on its origin and religious influence, many western countries tend to celebrate this holiday with secular traditions including door-to-door trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes and pumpkins carving. It is also associated with candy, caramel, and other not so healthful treats. Keeping this in mind we at the school would love to offer you some delicious and innovative alternatives to the standard gummy sugary treat, with of course an oriental twist. Those bags of Haribo won't stand a ghost of a chance! Check out our Google+ page for full recipes of the dishes below!

Crispy Wonton Ghosts

These delicious finger foods can be filled with chicken, crab and mushrooms (or whatever is in the fridge to make it extra scary!), closed, shaped and deep-fried to create a crunchy, savoury spook of a snack. See our recipe for traditional shaping, or have a go at making your own upside down ghosts to deep fry, just make sure the dumpling is closed in order for it to be successful! To serve turn the wontons ghost-head up and rest on a small bed of sticky rice with a few dabs of chilli sauce for faces.

Pepper-Filled Udon Noodles

This simple squid and noodle dish will make people squirm when served in head-shaped peppers! Move over gummy worms, this dish is scarier, healthier and definitely tastier.

Hibiscus Non-alcoholic Cocktail

This ‘mocktail’ can be served to children and adults alike. With blueberries and lychees transformed into slimy eyeballs consider it one of your five a day! Add gin if desired to turn up the Halloween spirit.

What are your favourite Halloween treats or traditions?