Last Friday we welcomed the legendary Ken Hom at School of Wok with open arms, wide eyes, and perked-up ears, eager to pick up any tips offerred from the Chinese culinary master himself. What we were not quite expecting was just how humble, laid back, and friendly Ken would actually be! Not that we expected a ball of fire-breathing-Gordon Ramsey-style-fury, but given Ken's experience and knowledge, he has certainly earned the right to put on a few airs in our books. Instead Ken was warm and welcoming, eager to share tips and encourage chefs and students alike as we celebrated the launch of the school's professional training school; The Oriental Culinary Institute.

During the class itself Ken demonstrated some impressive techniques in order to create his banquet-worthy dishes. The show stopper being his ability to skin a chicken completely whole, later of which was stuffed with minced pork, rehydrated mushrooms and wind-dried Chinese sausage. This specific technique was then justifiably rewarded with a glass of wine for all, once students had finished skinning their accompanying drumstick, again impressively whole.

After a cooking and eating a feast of Sizzling Prawns and Buddhist Casserole, and of course our Whole Stuffed Chicken Skin, students relaxed around the community table, clinking glasses and chatting with Ken, Jeremy and Wilson, absorbing all Chinese culinary wisdom that they could from Ken's breath of experience.

It was an honour, a privilege, and so much fun to spend the day with one of the most acknowledged Chinese culinary masters. We can't wait to do it again soon!