Get inspired for Veganuary with these vegan asian recipes!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the start of a new decade and here at School of Wok we are so excited to continue spreading the joy of Asian food with you all!

For those of you taking part in ‘Veganuary’ by cutting out all forms of animal products, we thought we’d kick off the year by giving you a bit of a help in hand. We’ve pulled together our 5 favourite vegan asian dishes for you to cook and enjoy at home. These recipes are not only vegan friendly, but they’re also really tasty as well, what more could you want! Learn how to cook some delicious vegan asian food this January!

Our 5 Favourite Vegan Asian Dishes

Vegan Bibimbap

This vegan twist on the classic Korean Bibimbap is a great alternative to the original meat version. This dish is usually a mix of meat, rice & vegetables, however for Veganuary we’re going to be using King Oyster Mushrooms as a replacement for the meat, and trust us you won’t regret it! A classic Korean dish with a vegan twist!

Vegan Bibimbap Recipe

Vegan Ramen

Ramen is a traditional japanese noodle soup dish that is commonly made with chicken. For this delicious vegan asian dish, we’re going to be using ramen noodles, fresh pak choi, miso-glazed carrots and tofu! No meat but definitely no less flavour!

Vegan Ramen Recipe

Vegan Thai Green Curry

A new take on the traditional Thai green curry, here we will be replacing the meat by using vegetables and tofu. We will also teach you how to make a fantastic spicy vegan green curry paste, to give your dish that extra bit of kick!

Vegan Thai Green Curry Recipe

Aloo Gobi

Indian Aloo Gobi is a great dish to include in your Veganuary plans. A wonderfully fragrant vegan asian dish that is very easy to make, this dish will incorporate potatoes, cauliflower and plenty of spice! Perfect for Veganuary.

Vegan Aloo Gobi Recipe

Sweet Coconut Asian Pancakes

Whether it’s for a breakfast treat or an after dinner dessert, these sweet coconut asian pancakes are a great option. Super simple to make in just a few steps, these pancakes are gluten-free and vegan. Because who said you can’t treat yourself during Veganuary!

Vegan Coconut Pancakes Recipe

Book A Cooking Class This January

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