For whatever reason summer always seems to be the time of year when food trends really come into full swing. Maybe it's the weather, the need for an escape from the seriousness of work, or the plethora of food festivals that have cropped up around the UK. Whatever the reason, we at the school are sharpening our forks, knives and chopsticks and getting ready to dive in! What will summer of 2013 bring London's dinner table? Though no one can say for sure what will hit and what will miss, chefs, restaurateurs and food critics have all weighed in on what they think the London public will see over the course of the next few months. Here are some of their tasty predictions we're excited to tuck into:

It seems London is not tired of it’s cross-Atlantic fever, with new restaurants like Duck And Waffle, specializing in handmade filled doughnuts with ingredients such as ox cheek, an unusual take on the classic American jam-filled. And rather than just see interpretations of “American cuisine” we’ll also see direct American imports with two of it’s famous restaurant institutions, Keith McNally’s Balthazar and Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack open its’ doors in Covent Garden. Along with a fascination with gourmet hot dogs, pancakes and even a few predictions of a fried chicken frenzy it seems America’s favourite foods have or will become London’s as well.

Other predictions include a rise in sour flavours, with focus in curing, brining, pickling and fermenting. This may also give rise to an increase in the use of Korean ingredients, dishes and flavours, such as kimchi. While slow to gain popularity here in the UK, Korean food has certainly come into it’s own in cities like LA and New York, with the incorporation of kimchi in various food trucks and restaurants. It may just be the UK’s next big thing.

And lastly, another prediction that we at School of Wok will be exploring this summer is the growing popularity of the steamed bun (bao). Offering an alternative to the sandwich, stalls like Yum Bun offer a range of fillings from pork belly to ice cream. With hand-held meals like burgers, hot dogs, and other types of street food so popular this seems to be a natural progression, with interesting flavours combined with a traditional Chinese bun. School of Wok is truly embracing this trend by offering a two-day cookery lesson in London featuring the steamed bun and fillings like Slow braised Lamb & Pomegranite Molasses or Coconut Meringue & Rasberry Coulis. For more information check out our class listing here.