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Thai Street Food (3hr)




Our Thai cooking classes are the perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the world of Thai street food and learn how to make delicious, authentic dishes from scratch. Led by our expert Chefs, you'll be taken on a culinary journey to the vibrant streets of Thailand, where you'll learn the secrets behind some of the most popular and flavourful dishes.

During the 3-hour class, you'll learn a range of skills and techniques, from using a pestle and mortar to create the perfect Jungle Curry paste, to shaping and frying the perfect Thai fish cakes. You'll also learn how to cook vegetables perfectly and create a flavorful stir-fried morning glory dish.

During this class, you get to enjoy the tasty Monsoon Valley Thai wine, which goes amazingly well with the menu you'll be cooking.

In partnership with Monsoon Valley Wine

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