Top Tips for Sushi Making

After experiencing at first hand the Head Chef of Matsuri, Mr Hiroshi Sudo, demonstrate the art of sushi making I wanted to find out more, and discover if it was possibly quite as easy as he made it look. Where better, than our very own School of Wok to get some top tips and expert opinions?

To listen to the chefs talk about their favourite sushi made me wonder what I have been missing for so long - despite being only too aware of this ongoing food trend I have only recently discovered the delights of maki rolls and nigiri. They were quite happy to pass on their wisdom and experience with details of what to try next and why.

School of Wok's 7 Top Tips for Making Sushi!

1. Get prepared!

As with all Asian cooking, have all your ingredients prepped and sliced before you start and the whole process becomes less stressed and therefore more enjoyable.

2. Practice your rice!

The better the flavour, the better the sushi. Sticky rice is made by using boiled rice tossed in sushi vinegar (made from rice vinegar, sugar and salt). Getting the balance just right is key.

3. Clap your hands!

When working with rice, dip your hands in water, then clap once. Having your hands this wet is perfect for working with sticky rice.

4. Stick it!

Lay out your nori, then your rice, then a line of wasabi, then your fish. Leave a little space on the nori for overlap. Roll it carefully (using a bamboo sushi mat if you have one) and then stick the nori to itself by using a few grains of sticky rice like blu-tack.

5. Keep it simple!

For a dinner party, lay out all your ingredients for a simple hand rolled Temaki, and everyone can make their own without the need for sushi mats. Eat them straight away so you get that wonderful crunch from the nori.

6. Keep it small!

Each piece of sushi needs to fit elegantly in your mouth, so cut or roll them into bite-size pieces.


Don't worry about the final results, just enjoy the process and more importantly, the food.

Further Your Sushi Making Skills

To master the sushi making art, book in for one of the School of Wok Sushi making classes with our chef's here.