Our Top 4 Noodle Recipes!

After a hard day's work it is always tempting to reach for the nearest instant noodle pack. It's quick, it's easy to put together, but no matter what the packaging says, it always tastes like salted rubber. Why not give your digestive system a break and whip up something equally as simple, but with ten times the taste and health factor.

Here's School of Wok's top four knock out noodle recipes:

Stir frying has never been so easy!

1. Hong Kong fried noodles

Inspired by the streets of Hong Kong, why not try this deliciously easy noodle recipe? Find our recipe from Chef Jeremy Pang here.

2. Singapore Noodles

This noodle dish with subtle curry flavour and texture is definitely a favourite! The succulent prawns and thin noodles are a match made in heaven. Find our recipe from Chef Jeremy Pang here.

3. Fried Egg Noodles with Teriyaki Chicken

One for the meat lovers! These teriyaki chicken noodles are so quick and easy to make, perfect for a week night dinner or an Asian-inspired dinner party. Find our recipe from Chef Jeremy Pang here.

4. Pad Thai

Of course we had to include the classic! Pad Thai noodles are such a popular dish and this is because they are simply so easy to make and super delicious! Find our recipe from Chef Jeremy Pang here.

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