How to Make Bao Buns

Make your own Bao Buns in 30 minutes

At School of Wok, we sell Bao Bun kits - providing you with all the ingredients you need to make the perfect bao. If you are looking for a moreish, sweet Asian treat then try our sticky BBQ bao bun kit!

We have done a quick rundown of how to use our bao buns kits.

What you’ll need to make bao buns

1x School of Wok kit of your choice

Extra: Your choice of meat 1 shredded cucumber or carrot


Step 1: Make the dough

Set aside a tablespoon of your bao flour mix (you will use this later to roll out your dough). To the rest of the flour, slowly add 110ml of warm water and start kneading. Use the palm of your hand and bring the flour and water together. Continue until it has an elastic smooth finish.

Step 2: Shape into a ball, set aside and cover

Unlike normal dough which will normally take 1 hour and a half to fully rise, this flour mix will rise in just 10 minutes. So we are onto our next sachet.

Step 3: Finely chop your cucumber or carrot

Add 40ml of water to the pickling salts and add this together with the cucumber or carrots - mix together well to mix the salts.

Step 4: Slice your choice of meat.

Then onto the third sachet - the dry rub. Massage the dry rub into your meat and set both aside. Stir the glaze sachet with 140ml of cold water and set aside.

Step 5: Roll your bao

Dust your flour onto a clean surface and roll your bao into a salami shape and then cut in half, then cut each half into 2 or 3 pieces. Shape each piece into a round ball ready to roll. Brush each bao with oil and fold over to make a pocket.

Step 6: Steam the bao!

Line the steamed baskets with our School of Wok Bao Blankets and place the bao buns into the baskets. Make sure they are not touching each other to ensure they keep their soft shapes!

Step 7: Sear the meat

Line your wok with a little oil and sear your meat on both sides. Then, pour your glaze over the meat and turn your wok off.

Step 8: Fill the bao

Take your bao out of the basket, fill with meat and veg - then tuck in and enjoy!

There is a quick rundown on how to make bao buns, using our very own School of Wok Bao Buns kits! If you prefer to watch our youtube video, take a look watch here.