How to Eat Ramen.

How to Eat Ramen Noodles with Chopsticks, Like a Pro.

Japenese ramen is becoming more and more popular all over the world, most likely due to being incredibly delicious!

However, many of you may be truly missing out and are finding yourself holding back from ordering ramen in restaurants due to a lack of confidence and a shortage of skills of knowing how to eat ramen properly.

We know it may seem pretty tricky at first, but a bowl of ramen should be eaten with chopsticks as a sign of appreciation of the Japenese tradition, and as an indication of respect for the chef.

No need to panic though, once you know these ramen tips and tricks, we guarantee you’ll be happily slurping away in no time!

What Utensils You Need to Eat Ramen

  • 2 chopsticks
  • 1 ramen spoon

Step 1

Firstly, to get yourself ready to enjoy your delicious bowl of ramen, place your chopsticks in your dominant hand and your ramen spoon in your other hand. We know chopsticks can be even trickier to use whilst eating noodles, but after your first few mouthfuls, it’ll start to get easier. If you’re not yet a master of the chopsticks, don’t worry at all - just check out our previous blog over on our website: How to Hold Chopsticks.

Step 2

Once you’ve got your chopsticks in the right position, make sure they are aligned with one another. Using their tips, pinch the chopsticks together in your bowl to collect a small amount of noodles. Try not to pick up too many noodles at once, as it’s best to eat ramen in small, manageable mouthfuls. Dip the noodles in and out of the broth to soak up the flavour. Whilst doing this, hold your spoon underneath to support the noodles, as well as to collect more broth.

Step 3

Ramen is meticulously made with particular flavours which complement one another when combined. This means ramen is best enjoyed when you’re eating the broth, noodles, and the additional toppings and garnishes all together. Therefore, when you’ve collected your desired amount of noodles, add some of the toppings to the gathered mouthful too. For the ingredients that are slightly trickier to pick up with chopsticks, don’t be ashamed to use your spoon!

Step 4

Once you’ve got your mouthful ready, move your head closer to the bowl - to avoid as much spillage as possible! Take both the chopsticks and spoon to your eagerly awaiting mouth, and slurp it all up!

Step 4

After you’ve finished all the noodles and toppings, put down your chopsticks and spoon. With both hands, bring the bowl to your mouth and continue slurping, as though you are drinking a drink! The broth is not only the tastiest part of the dish, but it is also the part that is given the most effort and time to make. Don’t be shy, and gulp down all the bowl’s remainings - this is the traditional way of eating ramen, so it would almost be rude not to!

Now You’re a Pro at Eating Ramen, Want to Become a Pro at Making it Too?

The beauty of ramen is the fact that it is a delicious Japanese delicacy, making it quite a special treat to eat out. However, ramen can also be easily made from scratch at home! Check out this Vegan Ramen Recipe on our site. Of course, if you fancy, you can mix it up a bit and add pork or chicken instead of tofu if you’re more of a meat eater!

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