What is a bamboo steamer?

Bamboo steamers are one of the simplest, yet most creative cookware to have in your home kitchen. Originating from China, bamboo steamers are round structures made from interwoven strips of bamboo and are used frequently in Asian cooking. They are can be stacked simultaneously on top of each other to steam multiple items at once - speeding up the cooking process significantly.

Dumplings and bao buns have become more popular and are a delicious treat that are favourably cooked with a bamboo steamer. Due to the bamboo material absorbing a lot of the condensation that would form on metal steamers, bamboo steamers are best for ensuring your bao buns stay light and fluffy - so having a bamboo steamer at home makes these delicious treats easier to make whenever you fancy!

How does a bamboo steamer work?

The bamboo basket is placed over simmering water. The condensation then rises through the bamboo and cooks the food. Due to the holes in the bamboo, it ensures that the dumplings or bao buns do not become soggy - instead, they keep their flavour, shape and fluffiness! Watch a video here on how to cook bao buns using a bamboo steamer

Why do I need to clean my bamboo steamer?

As we have mentioned, bamboo steamers use heat and steam to cook the food. Although the bamboo is organic and entirely natural, it is possible for the steam to stick bits of food in the bamboo. In order to keep a clean and hygienic bamboo steamer, we advise cleaning after every use to ensure that each time you use your bamboo steamer it feels brand new! Check out our top tips on how to clean your bamboo steamer below!

How do I clean my bamboo steamer?

As the bamboo steamer is made from organic ingredients, we think it is great to use organic, natural ways to clean bamboo steamers where you can. Take a read of some of the natural ways that you can clean your bamboo steamers, with ingredients that may just be lying around your kitchen!

How to clean your bamboo steamer with a lemon

Lemon is a natural cleaning agent used by many, in households around the country. It is not too abrasive, leaves a pleasant smell, and acts as a brilliant disinfectant. Another bonus - you don’t need a cloth! All you have to do is cut a slice of lemon off and use this to clean your bamboo steamer and discard once finished! Don’t forget to rinse your bamboo steamer after using the lemon to get rid of any residue.

How to clean your bamboo steamer with a tea bag

Another good way to clean your bamboo steamer is with a used tea bag. Start off by getting a black tea bag and soaking it in hot water. Once soaked, gently rub the tea bag on your bamboo steamer. This will get rid of any remaining food and bacteria at the same time! Make sure to rinse with warm water to get rid of any remaining tea before using!

How to clean your bamboo steamer with a nylon brush

Sometimes, the best way to clean is to get back to the old fashioned way and scrub! As a bamboo steamer can be quite delicate, it is suggested to use a soft nylon brush. The bristles are not too harsh but will still be effective enough to clean the basket. Firstly, steam the bamboo to deep cleanse the bamboo. Then, with a soft nylon brush and soapy hot water, softly scrub the bamboo steamer. Lastly, rinse the bamboo steamer with cold water to get rid of soapy water before using.

Now we have outlined how to clean the bamboo steamer - why not take a look at our video from Jeremey Pang on more tips on How to Clean a Wok. If you are raring to get going on making bao buns - shop our bao buns kits online.