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Delivery: 3-5 days
Material: Aluminium
Category: Kitchen Utensils
Size: 12 inch / 30 cm"


Our lid is designed to enhance your cooking experience by allowing you to create the perfect environment for steaming and. This aluminium 12” Wok lid sits about 1cm inside your 12”/30cm Wok. Suitable for both non-stick and carbon steel woks.

Our wok lid is lightweight and easy to handle, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen. The bamboo knob on top stays cool during cooking, providing an easy and safe grip. Made with aluminium, it ensures durability and longevity of use.



Key Features

· Dimensions: L: 29cm, W: 29cm, H/D: 11.5cm. Ideal for 12”/30cm Woks. Can also be used with our Skinny wok and 13" round bottom wok.

· Weight: 165g

· Bamboo knob for easy handling and a comfortable grip. The bamboo material also remains cool to the touch, preventing burns and accidents.

· Domed shape design allows for better heat distribution and retention, resulting in delicious, evenly cooked meals.

· Ideal for 12”/30cm Woks, this wok lid fits perfectly on your Wok and seals in moisture and flavour to create the perfect meal. Additionally, it can also be used with our Skinny wok and 13" round bottom wok, making it a versatile addition to your cookware collection.

· Material: Crafted from durable Aluminium to ensure long-lasting use.

· Manufacturer's Guarantee: All of our products come with a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee with proof of purchase. For further information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

· Made in Taiwan