Cleaver and Wok Hamper


This item is for people over the age of 18 only. As this is a bladed item, we need to be able to verify your age before dispatching it. For this reason, please ensure that you leave a mobile number that we can contact you on, as we will not be able to dispatch until we have done so. Secondly, we have to use a courier that will age verify on delivery.

Slice and dice your dishes to true perfection with our specially designed Chinese cleaver. Our cleavers have been designed to include a traditional flat grind blade and ergonomic handle made from excellent quality stainless steel to easily slice and chop meats, herbs, vegetables and fruit. An incredibly versatile cleaver as seen being used by Jeremy Pang on Wok Wednesdays.

To increase the durability and life of your cleaver we recommend to hand wash the blade and dry it thoroughly before storage.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • 18cm/ 7” long
  • The blade is 3mm at its thickest and approx. 1mm at its thinnest point.
  • Our cleaver is made of hot rolled stainless steel coil, graded as 30Cr13. The hardness of stainless steel coil is 84.5 degrees.
  • The hardness of cleaver itself is 55 degrees.
  • All of our products come with 2 years manufacturers guarantee with proof of purchase. Please see our terms and conditions to learn more.

12" Heavy duty Carbon Steel Wok

Get ready to Wok on with our 12”/30cm Carbon steel wok. Created with traditional Asian cookery in mind, our carbon steel wok helps to unlock those delicious wok-hey smoky aromas that stir-fry is famous for. This wok size is perfect to create meals for 2-3 people and features a bamboo handle as well as a flat bottom making it ideal for all modern-day hobs, including induction.


  • L: 51cm, W: 31cm, H/D: 10cm
  • 1.38kg in weight
  • Suitable for meals for 2-3 people
  • Bamboo handle - 16.5cm in length. Detachable for oven seasoning. Keeps cool while cooking. Varnished with Danish wood oil.
  • Built in loop hook for hanging
  • Made from carbon steel - 1.8mm thick (1.8 gauge)
  • Flat-bottomed - 14 cm in diameter
  • The extra thickness makes this wok even more suitable for dealing with the power of induction hobs
  • Suitable for all other hobs.
  • Suitable for making curries, stews and deep frying.
  • All of our products come with 2 years manufacturers guarantee with proof of purchase. Please see our terms and conditions to learn more.

  • Seasoning required (see video link below)

  • It is possible to season on an induction hob, but it is a longer process. We recommend a gas hob or we use a blow torch.
  • Not suitable for dishwashers.
  • Please dry wok on the hob so it is bone dry before storing, otherwise it will rust.

Note: To learn how to season your lovely new carbon steel wok, why not watch one of our Doctor Wok videos?

  • All of our carbon steel woks use Cold Rolled Steel Sheet that has a silvery colour. It is a type of "white steel" because of its alloy content. The percentage of carbon is 0.001% and the percentage of iron is 99.9856%.

  • Made in Taiwan

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