Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Update - School has re-opened for classes

We are open! 


We are enormously pleased to be operational again after nearly 4 months of being closed. It's been a very difficult few months and my team have coped brilliantly with everything that has been thrown at us. I cannot thank them enough. 


Also, our thanks goes to you, our customers, for treating us with fairness, patience and kindness by not demanding refunds on mass which would have put our business under in weeks. Every refund that we have done, has been to protect people that have been made vulnerable by this pandemic either financially or by a health condition. Your flexibility to be rescheduled, and your patience for the pandemic to finish has meant that we have the best chance to survive the next tricky 6 months of recovery. 


We are now moving into the post Covid era, but as I am sure you know, things will not return to complete normality for a few more months yet. We have to balance kickstarting our business along with doing our bit to ensure our team and customers remain safe and well. These are the measures that we have put into place to keep our team and customers safe:


Rule of 6 - From 14th September

  • We will be running our classes in two pods of 4 or one pod of 6 depending on which classroom we are using. 

  • Each pod will be kept socially distant from the other pod during the prep, cooking and eating parts of the class.

  • Couple from the same household will be asked to cook in pairs. Single guests will cook on their own. 

  • We will still be able to run corporate events, but each group will need to be put into pods of 6 and we can only do a maximum of 18 ppl. 


Pre arrival

  • Please do not travel or attend the lesson if you are showing any symptoms of Covid 19. (we will reschedule your class, free of charge).

  • Please bring a face mask with you for the lesson. 


On arrival

  • Every person who enters the building will be asked to fill in a track and trace register. 

  • We will provide ample hand sanitiser at the door and hand wash facilities within the school. 

  • All disposable gloves to be disposed of by the door on arrival. 

  • We are currently limiting the class size to 8 people per lesson and up to 18 people for corporate/team building events.

  • Body temperatures of all who enter the building will be taken with a temperature gun and logged.

  • Info sheets will be on each prep station explaining the measures we have taken to the customers and what we expect from them.   


During the class

  • Our tutors will also be wearing face masks. 

  • All customer bags and coats to be kept under their own prep station. 

  • No sharing of ingredients / or utensils. 

  • Aprons will  be disposable plastic aprons. (you are more than welcome to bring your own).

  • Customers will have their own prep area (1 meter apart on a shared table with 6ppl or below). 

  • Customers will be working at their own hobs when cooking in the kitchen, either in pairs or singles depending if they are from the same household. 

  • Floor to be marked with tape, to help with social distancing where appropriate. The main kitchen will be divided into 2 to keep the pods separate.


Dining and after the lesson

  • Customers will dine 1 meter apart from each other at the end of the class or customers can tub up their food and leave if they wish. Customers will dine in their pods of 6 or below.

  • Disposable cups will be used for wine, beer and soft drinks. 

  • We will use disposable plates / cutlery / chopsticks for dining.

  • Extra bins provided for guests to dispose of any disposables used to avoid our team having to touch anything that has been in contact with your mouths.  

  • We will only be accepting contactless payment on the day for any purchases from the gift shop.   


School of Wok team:

  • Our team is only to travel off peak and avoid public transport where possible.

  • Extra care and attention will be given when cleaning and sanitising between classes. 


We welcome you to the school and cannot wait to start hosting cooking lessons again. If you have any questions, please email



Jeremy, Nev and the SOW team. 

Continue Learning with us!




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