School of Wok Gift Vouchers

We all need things to look forward to, and whether you are looking for a perfect gift for that budding chef in your family or fancy learning a new skill, our School of Wok gift vouchers are perfect for planning some future fun.

Why gift vouchers can be the ideal present

Traditionally gift vouchers have been viewed as the last-minute present; the panic buy from your loved one who's forgotten that big birthday or anniversary, or the hassle-free option from that slightly distant relative who doesn't know what you'd like. However, when you buy a gift voucher through School of Wok, it is quite the opposite! Our culinary classes make for a fantastic, exciting and thoughtful gift for someone who has shown an interest in Asian cooking, would like to boost their skills in the kitchen, and wants a fun, friendly, in-depth experience learning how to perfect some of their very favourite dishes.

Gift vouchers are the smart gift buyer’s choice and here are the reasons why

They are super small, lightweight and easily portable

You don't have to worry about lugging a bulky gift to your friend’s party, a gift voucher can slip into a pocket or handbag and you are good to go! It's also a great option for someone who might not appreciate a huge gift cluttering up their home.

They can be personalised with a thoughtful message

Gift vouchers can be really thoughtful and generous gifts. If you've thought hard about the kind of voucher someone would really enjoy this shows how much you care. Plus you can add some special words to personalise your gift voucher and make it even more memorable too.

They can be used exactly when the recipient wants

Gift vouchers can be redeemed at a future date that’s most convenient to the recipient, so are great buys in uncertain times, and means that they can enjoy their gift when they'd get the most pleasure from it.

You don't need to leave the house to buy them

Buying a gift voucher can be done from the comfort of your own home. So it's super easy and convenient and means you don't have to try and brave the shops. Vouchers can also be sent directly to the recipient, delivered to their door so you don't need to worry about getting to the post office either.

They give someone the opportunity to do something they might not have thought of themselves

A cookery class is a unique gift and not usually something that a person would think of to buy themselves. They could lead to a lifelong hobby that brings great joy, and they might even practice their newfound skills on you! So it's a win-win!

Our gift vouchers - what to expect

All School of Wok gift vouchers are beautifully packaged and contain two ingredient cards making opening them a delight in itself! They can be redeemed for any class of the corresponding length, and we have lots to choose from/ They are also valid for a full 12 months from the date of purchase so there is plenty of flexibility about when to use them.

You can choose from full-day classes which are perfect for someone who loves to cook and will teach them a huge range of fantastic new skills. Alternative the three-hour voucher version will give the recipient a fantastic experience focusing on perfecting a few particular dishes instead.

Our classes are led by friendly experts who are passionate about cooking authentic and fantastic Asian food. We have a brilliant range of options including tasty sushi making, perfecting the humble bao, Chinese takeaway classics, mouth-watering Vietnamese or Thai cuisine, and many more.

You can find more information and purchase our gift vouchers here, and you can find a full rundown of our classes and what they involve here.

So if you are looking for a wonderful gift for a friend or relative, or even if you want to treat yourself. Why not purchase a gift voucher from School of Wok today?