Create delicious recipes with School of Wok’s Top 3 uses for leftover rice

Find it hard to judge the amount of rice to cook and always seem to have lots of leftovers? School of Wok wants to help you not only reduce food waste but help turn food destined for the bin into delicious new dishes. We have put together 3 uses for leftover rice for you to try at home, each beautifully simple but full of flavour and taste. Whether you have white or brown rice from your dinner the night before these recipe ideas are sure to leave tummies full and put smiles on faces.

Option 1: Simple fried rice

Our first use for leftover rice is simple, yet tasty, fried rice. Fried rice is not only the ultimate comfort food but it can also be done on a budget - perfect for using up any leftover vegetables you have in the fridge. Fried rice works best with day-old leftovers, but why? It is all to do with the timing. Stir-frying is all about fast cooking on high heat, so if you were to start with warm freshly-cooked rice your finished product would turn out soggy. Instead, leftover rice has had time to cool and dry out which will give your fried rice the perfect texture.

Fried rice can be created in minutes, with all the ingredients being thrown together in one pan. Here at School of Wok we recommend using a carbon steel wok to cook your fried rice because they provide rapid heat conduction, which is essential for stir-frying. Our 12-inch carbon steel wok is perfect for cooking for 2-3 people, with non-stick features and a 2-year warranty you can be confident investing in your new kitchen equipment!

Working great as a main or side dish, our Special Fried Rice is a perfect use for leftover rice. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare and cook, so you’ll be enjoying your food in no time. Simple and delicious.

Option 2: Use up your rice in bibimbap

Bibimbap is a perfect meal to create using leftover rice, something different and fun to experiment with in the kitchen! This dish originates from Korea and is formed from a bowl of rice topped with a variety of ingredients. The name ‘bibimbap’ is a term formed from “bibim”, which means mixing various ingredients together, and “bap”, which is a noun referring to rice. It is not only packed with delicious ingredients, but it can also include many of your five a day - adding lots of colourful veggies will make eating healthier much more appealing!

Original bibimbap recipes will see a bed of white rice topped with seasoned vegetables, kimchi, fried egg and sliced meat. However, here at School of Wok, Jeremy Pang has created a Vegan Bibimbap, perfect for everyone to enjoy no matter their dietary requirements! Try something new and use up your leftover rice with this fantastically tasty recipe.

Option 3: Add rice to a delicious one-pot dish

One-pot meals can be extremely versatile dishes, everything is added in together and left to cook - couldn’t be simpler! Whether you’re in a rush from a late evening at work or have lots of guests to cook for, one-pot meals work perfectly for creating flavourful and hearty dinners for everyone to enjoy. They are also the perfect opportunity to use up that leftover rice, simply add to your other ingredients, whether that be vegetable, fish or meat, and create another scrumptious meal. For prepping, slicing or dicing, we recommend using the School of Wok cleaver. One-pot dishes don’t have to be heavy, there are plenty of options that work great on a light summer evening, they really are the most versatile dish every household should master!

Here at School of Wok, we have created the Chicken & Mushroom Claypot, the ultimate one-pot dish easy to replicate no matter your cooking levels. Experience new flavours and different cooking techniques, but better yet, use up that leftover rice that was otherwise destined for the bin!

School of Wok's recipes for left over rice

Don’t let food go to waste and try out our top 3 uses for leftover rice. Here at School of Wok we have put together loads of tasty recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. Even if you don’t have leftover rice but want to try something a little different head over to our Tips & Recipes now and expand your cooking potential!