Happy New Year from School of Wok! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and ate to your heart's content.

2013 is now here, the festivities are over and we're all getting back to work, but things are already gearing up for the main event, Chinese New Year, which kicks off in just under a month's time.

So it's time to inject some Oriental flavour back into our lives now that we've had our fill of turkey and brussels sprouts!

Beginning on Sunday 10th February, Chinatown will embrace The Year of the Snake, the sixth animal sign of the Chinese zodiac.

People born in the Year of the Snake are said to be thoughtful, wise and enigmatic.

Meanwhile, they are thought to be lovers of fine food, so School of Wok will be a perfect place for them to visit next month!

We're running cookery lessons throughout the 15 days of CNY and can't wait for two food-packed weeks of non-stop eating. CNY is the most important time of year on the Oriental food calendar so why not take advantage of our fun interactive lessons to brush up on your cooking skills and learn something new.

Starting on the first day of the lunar year, we will be running CNY-special cookery masterclasses, cookery and wine-tasting sessions, lantern-decorating lessons (with food of course!) and Chinatown food tours. What's more, the celebrations will culminate in School of Wok's first interactive supperclub, the Lantern Festival Feast, meaning that this CNY will be the biggest celebration yet!

Check out all our CNY classes here.